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Age Calculator: Know your full age in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years


Age Calculator:

Know Your Perfect Age, this app is a free and light weight, a quick and easy app to calculate your chronological age and fast two years between years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds


It provides helpful information about date and time guides for over 1000 years;

The app provides a very simple user interface that easily calculates your age and birthdays, and you can add birthdays and birthdays of many family and friends, which is useful for keeping track and also for finding the date difference between them. . Two dates like wedding anniversary, work, events, etc.

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The age calculator app includes:

The age calculator lets you find the age in hours, minutes and seconds and is also used as a date calculator.

The age calculator, for those interested in using it for research purposes, offers the option to calculate a date before 1900. If you want more than 1900 typing years after you select the date

This application supports multiple date formats and also supports 24 hour and 12 hour time formats.

Our platform supports multi languages ​​and multi color themes

Share your calculation results as a screenshot with a variety of share options

Add birthdays and anniversaries of family and friends and get notifications

Sort family and friends data by age, name, event name, date of birth, day of the week, month and next birthday

Calculate your exact age and also get your birthdays, days of the week

Find out how many months and days are left for your next birthday, just click the count button

Perform daily date arithmetic operations like add / subtract

Find the number of working and non-working days between dates

Subtract from date / day / month / year

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Check if the given year is a leap year and you will also get the next leap year

This application displays your device’s current time zone

This is a great tool for anyone interested in date calculations

Updated: April 17, 2023 — 8:53 am